Kindness is Magic

While this doesn’t pertain to historical fiction, it did happen to a historical fiction author – me, and I just had to share.

With this year, the infamous 2020, we can expect anything to happen and so far, this late in the year, it has all been bad. I have heard the stories through the years of people doing amazing things for others, such as, paying for the person behind you while in line in a drive-thru or the guy on Tik Tok who walked up and paid for everybody in line at Wal-mart; but, as of yet, or I should say, as of today, it had never happened to me.

Over the past few months, I’ve tried myself in small ways. Since we have not been able to go far from our house, my granddaughter and I decided to make pies for our neighbors with a small little note to tell them we were thinking of them and hoped they were all right. On our street, that entails about four houses that we left the care package on their door.

But today, out of the blue, my husband and I decided to have a “date day” and go eat breakfast at a local eatery that is doing very well in social distancing and sanitizing. While sitting there for about fifteen minutes after ordering and just chit-chatting, a young woman sitting all by herself darted by our table and laid something on the napkin in front of me. I looked down, then back up at her as she smiled, waved, and said, “Enjoy your meal!!”

Needless to say, we were both shocked and pleasantly surprised at this small act of kindness from a stranger. She left some money for our meal on the table. I immediately got up and tracked her down at the cash register, my heart full, and when she saw me, she backed up and laughed as I did air-hugs toward her, shouting, “I wish I could hug you!!! Thank you so much!!”

My reasons for telling this story is what her act did for us after she left. Later on, after talking about this sweet person, this act motivated us to pass on the deed. Before we left the restaurant, I found a group of ladies sitting together across the restaurant, and did the same for them.

A single act of kindness spurs more acts of kindness in this mad mad world of 2020. And it makes you feel so good inside . . . I promise . . . you should give it a try!!


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