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My Interview with Alessandra Woodward, author of ”The Defender‘s Throne”

I am thrilled to welcome Alessandra Woodward to the show today. She is the author of the historical fiction novel “The Defender’s Throne” set in the ancient world of the Ha-amazaans!!

Buy her book:

A book about the Amazons on Amazon!!


My Interview with Bookouture Author, Verity Bright!

I am happy to welcome to the show today, the amazing husband and wife team of Verity Bright, the authors of “A Lesson in Murder” now available at Amazon, Bookouture, and on The Historical Fiction Company bookshop.


My Interview with Meghan Masterson, author of “The Paris Wife”

I am thrilled to welcome Bookouture’s Meghan Masterson to the show today as she talks about her new release “The Paris Wife”!

You can hear all about it on the podcast and on a corresponding blog post at The Historical Fiction Company blog here:


Interview with V. E. H. Masters, and Editorial Review of “The Castilians”

I am happy to welcome V. E. H. Masters to the show today presenting her book “The Castilians”!

Finalist, Wishing Shelf Book Awards
Runner-up, SAW Barbara Hammond Trophy

1546 and Scotland is under attack from Henry VIII, determined to marry his son to the infant Mary, Queen of Scots. A few among the Scottish nobles, for both political and religious reasons, are eager for this alliance too. They kill Cardinal Beaton, who is Mary’s great protector, and take St Andrews Castle, expecting rescue any day from England.

Local lad Will is among them, fighting for the Protestant cause. His treasonous activities place his family in grave danger, forcing his sister Bethia into an unwelcome alliance. As the long siege unravels, Bethia and Will struggle over where their loyalties lie and the choices they each must make — whether to save their family, or stay true to their beliefs and follow their hearts

This debut novel closely follows the historical events of the siege of St Andrews Castle, and its dramatic re-taking.

‘A clever blend of fact and fiction…gripping action, drama galore, and a dash of romance.’ Margaret Skea


The New Website is Booming! Come Join the Fun!!

If you are wondering where the Hist Fic Chickie has gone, look no further!!

Come check out what is going on over at The Historical Fiction Company!!

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My Interview with Owen Pataki, author of “Searchers in Winter: a Novel of Napolean’s Empire”

I am pleased to welcome to the show today, Owen Pataki, the historical fiction bestselling author of “Seachers in Winter: a Novel of Napoleon’s Empire”

“Owen Pataki’s second novel emerges from the rubble of the French Revolution into the legendary conquests of Napoleon. Readers will love the richly drawn characters and evocative settings in this story that pits the values of humanity against those lusting after power and greed.” —Steven Pressfield, bestselling author of Gates of Fire


My Interview with Alfred Nicols, the historical fiction author of “Lost Love’s Return”

Welcome to the podcast today Alfred Nichols, the author of “Lost Love’s Return” –

A heart-wrenching story of two lovers, torn apart by war, and their boundless journey back to one another.

Now available at Amazon: