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Historical Fiction Recommended Series

I came across this interesting resource dealing with history and/or historical fiction and decided to share the information.

Nathan Wuertenberg is a staff researcher at the Aull Center for Local History, a division of the Morgantown Public Library System. He received his doctorate in history from The George Washington University and is a co-host with Mike McClung of Aull About History, a local history podcast produced in partnership with The Dominion Post.

Aull Center for Local History & Genealogy Research. It’s an annex of the public library in Morgantown, West Virginia.

His blog will appear on the library’s website at http://www.mympls.org/. The first entry is here (http://www.mympls.org/fact-checking-fiction-presidential-history-recommendations-by-nathan/) and the second, which he will be making a TikTok for next week is here (http://www.mympls.org/fact-checking-fiction-haunted-history-recommendations-by-nathan/).

He also has two planned for November, although one of them isn’t strictly historical fiction. The first is about classic novels that were influenced by their author’s experiences in historical wars (for Veterans Day). The second will be historical fiction about Native American history (for Native American Heritage Month).
The link to the Aull Center’s TikTok account where the videos will appear is here: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJ5DD7EU/