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A “Just Hatched” Book – Guardian by Sherry A. Burton

These books sound amazing! And even though Guardian is featured as a Just Hatched book, I will post the link to the first three so you can read them in order.

Book One – Discovery

Book Two – Shameless

Book Three – Treachery

Book Four – Guardian – now available for Pre-order and releasing October 20th.

Guardian (The Orphan Train Saga Book 4) by [Sherry A. Burton]

In the mid-1850s, there were over 30k children living on the streets of New York City. Children as young as four and five who had to lie, cheat, and steal just to survive. Some of the children were true orphans, others were not.  Either way, their situation was dire and something had to be done. So, between 1855 and 1929, over 250k children from New York and Boston were sent west on what was later referred to as ‘the orphan trains’ to find new homes.  Some of the children went on to have grand lives; others did not. Yet, many in today’s society have never heard of the Placing Out Program.

Sherry’s Orphan Train Saga follows eighteen children that rode the New York orphan trains to find new homes. Each of the eighteen books will focus on one child’s story and take the children to different parts of the country in search of a better life. As was the case with the orphan trains some of the children will find good homes, others will continue their fight for survival. The first six books in the saga follow the children to Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, and Chicago. As the series progresses, Sherry’s Historical Fiction saga will expand to Kentucky, Nebraska and other states to help tell the children’s stories. While the children in Sherry’s books are fictional, the history that surrounds them is real. All of Sherry’s books are available in print (both hard and softcover and on Amazon Kindle. The books are meant to be read in order, starting with Discovery (book one) Shameless (book two), Treachery (book three) Guardian (book four) is now available for preorder in advance of its   October 20th release.

Guardian synopsis:
Taken from his unwed mother immediately after his birth and sent to a New York Children’s Asylum, Franky never questioned his life of sterile walls, strict discipline, and emotionally distant caregivers. That is, until being selected to ride the orphan trains, where he quickly discovers there is more to life than living in an institution.
Taken in by a well-educated judge who is looking to save a wayward boy, the man soon turns Franky into a voracious reader who wishes nothing more than to join the Army he spends so much time reading about. The judge succeeds in teaching Franky there is more to life than violence. That is, until the judge’s past threatens Franky’s very survival.
Having vowed never to return to the asylum, Franky decides to take his chances on the streets of Detroit. Working under the protection of his uncle Tobias, street name Mouse, a trusted member of the infamous Purple Gang, he gets a new kind of education, one that isn’t taught in books.
Will Franky be able to handle the war raging around him, or will the ugliness of life claim another innocent soul?

Preorder link: https://www.amazon.com/Guardian-Orphan-Train-Saga-Book-ebook/dp/B08HQWNH14



Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Sherry was raised in the small town of Fairdale, a suburb of Louisville. Since eloping with her now-retired Navy husband to Tennessee shortly after turning eighteen, Sherry and her Navy husband lived in Kentucky, California, South Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania. Living in different areas and meeting new people from vastly different regions has been a unique gift she is grateful for. 

Sherry got her start in writing by pledging to write a happy ending to a good friend who was going through some really tough times. The story surprised her by taking over and practically writing itself. What started off as a way to make her friend smile started her on a journey that would forever change her life.

Sherry readily admits to hearing voices, and is convinced that being married to her best friend for thirty-nine years goes a long way in helping her write happily-ever-afters.

Sherry writes children’s books under the name Sherry A. Jones

Sherry is currently working on the fifth book in The Orphan Train Saga. a historical fiction series that revolves around the Orphan Trains. 

Sherry and her husband have returned to their adopted state of  Michigan, to be closer to their children and grandchildren.  She spends most of her time writing from her home office and traveling to lecture and book signing events. Sherry greatly enjoys traveling to Libraries, Schools and other venues where she shares her books and gives lectures on the History of The Orphan Trains.

Sherry’s book Discovery (the first in The Orphan Train Saga) has been honored as a finalist in The Book Excellence Awards and has been endorsed by the National Orphan Train Complex. 

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