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The Author Roost – A Way to Inspire Young Hist Fic Readers with Marie Sontag

In conjunction with The Historical Fiction Club’s author takeover for October 14, 2020, this is a featured spotlight for Marie Sontag. Check out the takeover here: The Historical Fiction Club

Marie Sontag holds a BA in social science and an MA and Ph.D. in Education. Having taught adults, high school and middle school students for over 15 years, Dr. Sontag knows how to capture and hold her students’ and readers’ attention.

Bringing the Past to Life epitomizes the passion and writing career of Dr. Sontag. Her middle grade historical fiction series, Ancient Elements, includes The Bronze Dagger, The Alabaster Jar, and the Silver Coin. The series takes readers on adventures with 12-year-old Samsuluna (Sam) and his adoptive sister, Amata, as they travel throughout Ancient Mesopotamia during the reign of Hammurabi, king of Babylon in 1781 BC.

When Dr. Sontag shares in classrooms and assemblies about her Ancient Elements series, she is always accompanied by her authenticated artifacts. These include a 3,000-year-old bronze dagger unearthed from Sam’s home area in the Zagros Mountains, now part of present-day Iran, as well as an alabaster jar and a Phoenician coin.

Dr. Sontag’s second historical fiction series, Warsaw Rising, begins with book one, Rising Hope. This young adult novel unfolds the story of six teens who, through loss, find hope as they fight against the Germans when their Scout troops join forces with the Underground Army during the 1944 Warsaw Rising. Watch for the release of books two and three of the series in the near future.

Although not a historical fiction novel, Dr. Sontag’s first nonfiction book, When Love Is Not Perfect, still fits under the umbrella of her tagline, Bringing the Past to Life. When Love Is Not Perfect leads those suffering from the wounds of abuse through a discovery of God’s reparenting process – a process that will help them heal from the damaging effects of abuse as they gain an understanding of the loving nature of God. Written from a survivor’s viewpoint, this book covers the emotional, social, and psychological aspects of recovery, as well as the spiritual dimension. Although now out of print, it is still available through Amazon.com.

“Bringing the Past to Life – One Adventure at a Time,” epitomizes the passion and writing career of Marie Sontag. Her newest release, California Trail Discovered, furthers her tradition of crafting adventurous historical novels for middle grade and young adult readers. California Trail Discovered brings her number of series to three: the Ancient Elements, Warsaw Rising, and now, the Whitcomb Discoveries series.

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“California Trail Discovered”

Blurb: Traveling the Oregon and California Trails in 1846, Daniel Whitcomb (a fictional teen) and Virginia Reed (a historical teen and member of the Donner Party) find their lives forever changed when their wagon train leaders choose an unexplored trail.

Release Date: October 14, 2020