Patience is a virture… i do not have.

Well, if most people do not know by now, my blog is seriously off-track. About two months ago I lost all my links due to a mishap with my bank and a hacker, so now I am trying to redo everything on this blog.

I am trying ever so hard to be patient and do things slowly in this recovery, but I am so frustrated!! Sometimes computer stuff and marketing and blogging gets the best of me, but I am trying. I ask that you continue to be patient as I reboot this blog for all my historical fiction fans and awesome fellow writers out there.

Soon, I promise, I will start having featured authors and posts on the site for you to read, as well as new reviews for great new historical fiction.

My own novel, Kingfisher, the fifth in my repertoire, is now out searching for a home (i.e. literary agent) so I will keep you updated on that process, as well.

Thank you for your patience as I try to collect myself.

D. K. Marley


2 thoughts on “Patience is a virture… i do not have.”

  1. Sorry to hear that you are having problems. Technology, when it works, is amazing, but when it doesn’t… Hope everything is back to normal for you soon.


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